Dolly’s Rap Song

Dolly’s Rap Song is a song from season 1 101 Dalmatian Street episode Poetry Scam. The song sung by Dolly when she tries to charm Hansel, perfomed by Michaela Dietz.

Dolly’s Rap Song Lyrics

Uh, uh, uh, uh uh
Clouds, stars, skies ‘n’ stuff
This poetry is makin’ me lose my ruff
And if I can’t rhyme that’s just fine
‘Cuz everything comes out silly
And poetry isn’t my cup of tilly
And when I’m billy, nilly, filly
So take a gilly and rhyme with frilly
I’m a night dog, day dog, morning dog too
But am I a poetry pooch?
I’m just Dolly dilly doggy dog doo!

Dalmatian Pups:
Dolly dilly doggy dog doo!

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