A Little Bit of Food

A Little Bit of Food is a the song from Sofia The First Season 1 Pilot “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess” Sung by Sofia, Clover and animals. Performed by Ariel Winter and Sofia The Frist Cast.

A Little Bit of Food Lyrics

Clover: We’ve helped Princesses for many eons,
But you treat us just like furry peons.
We make your bed, clean up your messes.
Birds: Wake you up and put on all your dresses.
Clover: And what’s our reward? What thanks do we get?
Not a crumb, not a morsel, no brie, no baguette…
Ohh! Did you really think after all these years
When we did your chores, we were volunteers?

Clover and birds: A little bit of food is all that we seek, a little bit to eat
Clover: Fill our tummy
Birds: Wet our beak
Clover and birds: A little bit too much
Robin: Like breakfast
Mia: Dinner
Clover: Lunch
Clover: And not a seed, a bean, or just some rice
Clover and birds: ‘Cause a little bit of food would sure be nice

Clover: It really isn’t much, not too much for us to ask
after helping daily with each little task
Birds: Just a bite or two
such a modest fee
even little songbirds shouldn’t sing for free.

Sofia: Well, if food is what you want
Birds: Just a little bit
Sofia: You’ve come to the right castle. Follow me! Ha ha!

Everyone: A little bit too much.
Everyone: And there’s nothing quite like brunch.
Clover: So deliver just a Sliver or a slice.
Everyone: Of whatever tasty treat
all the royal people eat
Clover: We’d be glad to make some room.
Everyone: For a lentil or legume.
Clover: If you want some first-class service
Everyone: There’s a price
and a little bit of food would sure be nice.

Clover: Oh! A little bit of food
Birds: A little bit of food
Clover: Just a little bit of food
Everyone: Just a little bit of food

Clover: Nice!

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