Royal Prep

Royal Prep is the song from Sofia The First Season 1 Pilot “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess” Sung by fairies.

Royal Prep Lyrics

Flora: When someone new enrolls here at good old Royal Prep
They’re at that great beginning They’re taking that first step.
Fauna: Your lessons will commence here once you pass through this door.
Merryweather: So why not come and join us and see what lies in store?

Flora: You’ll learn the art of manners of royal protocol.
Fauna: That’s right.
Flora: And when to bow and curtsy for functions big and small.
Fauna: You’ll read books of fact and fiction of poetry and prose.
Merryweather: You’ll learn to give a royal speech while perfectly composed.

Students: At Royal Prep, step by step
You’ll gain wisdom and pep
So heed the call,
come be all you can be.
Flora: Every task, every test.
Fauna: Just give it your best.
Merryweather: And we’ll do the rest, you’ll see.

And don’t forget our motto.
Fauna: To which you’ll be true.
Flora: Rule over others as you’d have them rule over you.
Students: You’re taking your first step at Royal Prep.
Flora: We’ll explore enchanted objects each creature, every charm.
Fauna: So spells of evil magic will never do you harm.
Flora: In arts and crafts, you’ll draw and paint or maybe work with wood.
Merryweather: You’ll learn to fence, as well as dance for footwork, both are good.

Fairies: At Royal Prep, step by step You’ll gain wisdom and pep
Knights: So heed the call Come be all you can be.
Fairies: Every task, every test
Knights: Just give it your best.
Fairies: And we’ll do the rest, you’ll see.

Knights: And don’t forget our motto.
To which you’ll be true.
Fairies: Rule over others as you’d have them rule over you.
Fairies: We’re royal all the way
Knights: All the way
Fairies: At good old R.P.A.
Knights: R.P.A.
Fairies: It’s step by step
Everyone: With wisdom, grace, and pep.
At Royal Prep!…

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