Not Ready To Be a Princess

Not Ready To Be a Princess is the song from Sofia The First Season 1 Pilot “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess” Sung by Sofia. Performed by Ariel Winter.

Not Ready To Be a Princess Lyrics

Everything seems crazy big
And I’m feeling unsteady
Mum says I’ll be just fine
But I don’t think I’m ready
New school, new friends, new family
And a ball where they want me to dance
I’m just a little girl from a small, small town
In this world, I don’t stand a chance

I’m not ready to be a princess
I don’t have what it takes
I’m too short for gowns,
I look bad in crowns
And I’m gonna make a bajillion mistakes

I’m too average to be a princess
I respectfully refused
I don’t know the rules,
I don’t want the jewels
And these feet were made for comfortable shoes

Shelves bursting with trinkets
That I’m afraid to touch
Fancy toys and ginormous pillows
It’s all much, too much
Too much!

I’m not ready to be a princess
One look, and that seems clear
Cancel my debut, keep your royal crew
And if I ever find Mum’s room…
I’m outta here

Sofia – Not a noble name
Sofia – Even my wave is lame
I’m not ready
To be a princess

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