The Dunwiddie Ditty

The Dunwiddie Ditty is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 10 “Princess Jade”. It is the anthem of Dunwiddie School, Sofia’s old school. It’s performed by Sofia The First Cast.

The Dunwiddie Ditty Lyrics

Meg: Go Dunwiddie
Meg and Peg: Go Dunwiddie
Meg, Peg, Ruby: Hail the green and brown
All the Dunwiddie School students: Everyone cheer for the school right here
In old Dunwiddie Town
Go Dunwiddie
Oh Dunwiddie
No matter how far we roam
We’ll have friends to the end
From old Dunwiddie
Our school, our home

Jade: Oh Dunwiddie
No Dunwiddie
How I’d miss this school
To leave behind these friends of mine
For a gown and jewels
Old Dunwiddie
Dear Dunwiddie
I sure don’t want to part
But I know if I stay
That would break
Sofia’s heart

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