This Feeling I’m Feeling In Me

This Feeling I’m Feeling In Me is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 11 “Ivy’s True Colors”. It is sung by Sofia and Princess Ivy and performed by Ariel Winter and Anna Camp.

This Feeling I’m Feeling In Me Lyrics

Ivy: Why’s a tear running down from my eye?
I’ve never felt quite like this before
And I don’t know why it makes me cry
to think he might sleep forevermore

Oh, what is this I’m feeling?
What is this ache inside of me?
Everything is reeling
through these misty eyes
I just can’t see
What is this feeling I’m feeling in me?

Sofia: You are feeling this way cause you care
That’s why it seems like your world may end
It feels new, but you shouldn’t be scared
You’re aching because you miss your best friend

Oh, I know how you’re feeling
Losing a friend will make you blue
So help us with his healing
And you’ll feel a whole lot better too
Embrace that feeling you’re feeling in you

In your black-in-white world,
you can no longer hide
If you care for your friend,
won’t you please let some color inside
At least won’t you try

Ivy: I’ll embrace this feeling
Let go of the way I used to be
Friendship is revealing
And it makes me see a brand new me
I like this feeling I’m feeling
Sofia: I know the feeling you’re speaking of
The feeling that you’re feeling is love

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