The Love We Share

The Love We Share is a song from season 1 Sofia The First special episode  22 “The Floating Palace”. It is sung by Ariel and Sofia and performed by Jodi Benson and Ariel Winter.

The Love We Share Lyrics

Ariel: You tried to save your mermaid friend
But found it hard to do
You think your quest is at an end
But that is far from true
For though our worlds have different ways
There’s one thing that we share
We both adore our family so
With love beyond compare

Whether you live on land or sea
We’re all devoted to our family
Alone you cannot win
You need a helping fin
The love we share
Can set them free!

Joining together is the key
For if our two worlds work in harmony
You could end your troubles
If only they would see
The love we share
Can set them free!

Right there
Is a mermaid
Who wants to save her sister
Show her that you feel the same
And you may just enlist her!

Sofia and Ariel: Joining together is the key
We have to learn to work in harmony!

Ariel: You could end your troubles

Sofia: If only she could see
No matter where

Ariel: In sea or air

Sofia and Ariel: The love we share
Will set them free…

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