Bring My Best Friend Back

Bring My Best Friend Back is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode 13 “Finding Clover”. It is sung by Sofia and Clover and performed by Ariel Winter and Wayne Brady.

Bring My Best Friend Back Lyrics

Clover:I don’t know what I’m doing here
I wish that I could just disappear
But then how long would I have to roam, till
I found my way back home?
Why did I go?
How could I go?
I didn’t know I’d miss her so
I’m not even in the mood for snacks
No food will bring my best friend back

Sofia: When you have made a friend so true
He cheers you up when you feel blue.
You never think you’d see the day
He picks up and goes away.
Why did he go?
How could he go?
Doesn’t he know I need him so?
I’ll search in every cart and shack
Until I bring my best friend back.

(Dialogue interruption)

How long must I look till I find him?
And what will he say when I do?
How long will it take to remind him
Of all the good times we’ve been through?

Both: Why did he go? (Why did I go?)
How could he go? (How could I go?)
Clover: I didn’t know I’d miss her so!
Sofia: I’ll search in every cart and shack.
In every barn and tall haystack.

Clover: I gotta get things back on track.
And somehow find a way
Sofia: I’ll keep searching come what may
Both: Until I get my…best…friend…

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