Good Little Witch

Good Little Witch is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode  11 “The Little Witch”. It is sung by Lucinda, Sofia and others and performed by Merit Leighton, Ariel Winter and Sofia The First Cast.

Good Little Witch Lyrics

Lucinda: Yes, I turned your clogs into frogs,
And yes, I changed your flute to a newt.
But now I’d like to show that I’m sorry,
Though they’re kind of cute!

Still, I’ll turn them all back now,
Yes, every spell I’ll undo.
You’ll see I’m not gonna stop,
Until they’re good as new!

‘Cause I wanna be a good little witch,
Give me a chance and I’ll make a switch!
Sofia: Just give her a chance and she’ll make a switch,
She wants to be a good little witch!

Girl 1:I don’t believe it!
Boy 1:Yeah, she’s always hexing us!

Boy 2: Look, this was my favorite toy ball,
She hexed, now it’s just a toy brick!
Girl 1: My cat used to purr like a kitten,
Now she cluck, cluck, clucks like a chicken!
Ruby: I had a box full of crayons,
Now this blob is all that I’ve got!
Girl 2: And yes, my little basset hound’s cute,
But my matching tail is not!

Lucinda: But I wanna be a good little witch!
Sofia: Give her a chance and she’ll make a switch!
Kids: If we give her a chance, this new little witch,
How do we know that she’s gonna switch?

Lucinda:You’ll see, I’m gonna undo it all.
Girl 2:Yeah? When?
Lucinda:Right now.
(Hex undos)
Lucinda: Who’s next?Girl 1:Me!
(Hex undos)
Girl 1:Thank you.
Boy 3:My turn!
Girl 4: My turn!Girl 3: No, me!Boy 1:No, me!
Girl 1:Fix me!
Lucinda:Don’t worry, I’m gonna fix everyone!
(Hexes undo)
Sofia:So what do ya say? Will you give her another chance?
Ruby:Yes, I forgive you, Lucinda.
Girl 2:I forgive you, Lucinda.
Boy 2:I forgive you.
Girl 1:I forgive you.
Kids:Us, too!

Kids: She’s gonna be a good little witch!
Lucinda: You’re gonna see, I’m making a switch!
Kids: Yes, we believe you’re making a switch,
You’re gonna be a good little witch!

Sofia: You’ve had a change of heart…
Lucinda: And I’m making a brand new start…
Kids: From now on…
You’re a good…
Little witch!

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