Perfect Slumber Party

Perfect Slumber Party is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode  2 “The Big Sleepover”. It is sung by Amber, Hildegard, Clio and Sofia and performed by Darcy Rose Byrnes, Jenna Lea Rosen and Ariel Winter.

Perfect Slumber Party Lyrics

Amber: Sofia, pinecones are not a part of a perfect princess slumber party!
Oh, I thought I explained this before, but I guess I’ll have to do it again!

Our perfect slumber party
Is just about to begin
And at a perfect slumber party
Everybody’s gotta fit in
There’s a certain way we do things
We don’t snort, we don’t squeal
And running around with pinecones
Really isn’t part of the deal

We do our hair
Have some tea
And when we sing it’s soft and
Amber, Hildegard and Clio: Always on key!
Amber: By chance, if we should dance
We’d waltz elegantly!

Hildegard and Clio: That’s a perfect slumber party
Amber: And that’s the way it’s always been!
Amber, Hildegard and Clio: The gist of it to be a hit
You gotta fit…
Amber: Everybody’s gotta fit in
Hildegard: Everybody’s gotta fit in
Clio: They gotta fit in

Sofia: At a perfect slumber party
Why should we all act the same?
‘Cause at a perfect slumber party
Isn’t fun the name of the game?
Why can’t they bounce
On every bed?
Or wear a dozen pinecones all over their head?
Give their dance a single chance
It may be as fun as they said!

Amber:Ugh, Sofia…

It’s our perfect slumber party
And our patience is wearing thin
They need to quit
You must admit
They’re not gonna fit…
Hildegard: They’re not gonna fit…
Clio: They’re not gonna fit…
Amber: And everybody’s gotta fit in

Sofia: I’m gonna help ’em fit in
Hildegard: They’re never gonna fit in
Sofia: They can fit in
Amber: At a perfect slumber party
They’ll never fit in
Hildegard: They’ll never fit in
Sofia: I’m gonna help ’em fit in…

Amber:Good luck!

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