Crispy’s Sundae Challenge

Crispy’s Sundae Challenge is a song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” season 2 episode 11 “Desserted”. The song is sung by Gina and other waiters and performed by Riki Lindhome and others.

Video works, the song starts from 4:06

Crispy’s Sundae Challenge Lyrics

Yippie yippie hoo‐ray, it’s too good to be true
The Crispy’s Sundae Challenge is on its way to you
Here’s a little secret
You didn’t hear from me
If you beat our challenge, your family eats for
Free, free, free

Gina: (rapping)

Brace yourselves, ’cause this challenge is cold
50 pounds of ice cream in a plastic bowl
Whipped cream, bananas, and a mountain of dairy…
Ya gotta eat it all
Yeah, even the cherries
Only one hour to devour the ‘dae
So you better scarf it down if you don’t wanna pay!


A fly died in your sundae
But stay right where you’re sitting
We’re gonna start your challenge
Back at the beginning! 

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