My Name is Bill Green

My Name is Bill Green is a song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” season 2 episode 15 “Greens’ Acres”. The song is sung by Bill Green and performed by Andre Robinson.

My Name is Bill Green Lyrics

My name is Bill Green
And I’m just a kid
But I’ll be a farmer
When I’m grown and big
Shuckin’ the corn
And tillin’ the dirt
But I can’t drive a tractor ’cause I “might get hurt”

Sweep the barn and milk the cow
Feed the pigs and I wipe my brow
Grab the eggs from the chicken coop
And clean out all the chicken— (chicken clucks)

My name is Bill Green
I’ll own this farm one day
But first I gotta do my chores
And shovel this haaay!

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