Ordinary Me

Ordinary Me is a song from Netflix musical animated film “The Loud House Movie”. The song is sung by Lincoln Loud and performed Asher Bishop.

Ordinary Me Lyrics

They say it doesn’t matter how you look or where you’ve been
So why do I need a thousand likes to feel like I’d fit in?
I probably have it easy if I were the only kid
But when you live with ten superstars it’s hard for you to win

I wish I could be someone extraordinary
But I’m just me, and I’m just ordinary

Is there ever gonna be a place in the spotlight just for me
When the world can finally see I’m special like my family?
Will there be a sign? Will I really shine?
Am I always gonna be plain, old, ordinary me? (Oh-oh-oh-ohh)

Plain, old, ordinary me
Am I always gonna be plain, old, regular, boring, unremarkable, ordinary me?

Ordinary Me Soundtrack Version

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