Picnic of the Year

Picnic of the Year is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode  10 “Tri-Kingdom Picnic”. It is sung by Sofia and others and performed by Ariel Winter and Sofia The First Cast.

Picnic of the Year Lyrics

Amber: Just so you know, the Tri-Kingdom Picnic is no ordinary picnic.
Sofia: I’m starting to see that.

Amber: The picnic feast has food galore
Sofia: I’ve never seen so many treats.
Queen Miranda: The Grand buffet is here, my Dear.
Sofia: It goes on for miles!
King Roland II: That’s just the start of so much more!
Sofia: More than this?
Everyone: This is the Picnic of the year!

All Princes and Princesses: We’ll play a lot of Picnic games
James: Like Capture the Crown!
Queen Miranda: And make new friends from far and near
Sofia: I’ve seen those Princesses from school!
King Roland II: We’ll try some food with different names!
Princess Jun: Mushu!
Princess Maya: Couscous!
Prince James: Coleslaw?
Prince Khalid: Kabobs!
Everyone: This is the Picnic of the year!

King Roland II: We three Kingdoms gladly join together,
for Royal fun,
under the sun,
or any kind of weather!
Everyone: All Enchancia, gladly comes together,
to welcome the Kingdom of Kaldune.
We welcome the Kingdom of Wei-Ling.
So let the fun begin
and get the party in full swing!

Amber: Everything is served on gold.
Sofia: Everything is served on gold?
Marcy: The ants were sent away from here.
Queen Miranda: They were sent away from here.
King Roland II: We go too far, so I’ve been told.
Everyone: He’s been told!
He’s been told!
This is the Picnic,
the Picnic,
the Picnic of the year!

King Roland II and Queen Miranda: It’s over the top!
The fun won’t stop!
Everyone(Suzette and Marcy Whispers): They’re going to party,
until we drop.
Everyone: The Feast will surely be delicious.
King of Khaldoun: Extra fancy
Baileywick: And nutritious.
Everyone: Visitors and all our neighbors here.
King Roland II: Ah ha!
Everyone:For the Tri-Kingdom Picnic!
The Tri-Kingdom Picnic!

King Roland II: Great!

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