Believe in Your Dream

Believe in Your Dream is a song from season 2 Sofia The First episode 9 “Gizmo Gwen”. It is sung by Sofia and Gwen and performed by Ariel Winter and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Believe in Your Dream Lyrics

Sofia: When you draw big plans,
But they all go astray…
And you’re thinking it’s time,
To just throw them away.
Well, a dream is a promise that you make to yourself.
So don’t leave it lying way up on some shelf…

Believe in your dream, do the best you can do
Don’t let it go,. and it just may come true
Let your dream light your way,
‘Iil you reach a better day.
Believe in your dream, like I believe…
In you.

When you’re in the dark, feeling lost in the night…
Let your dream be the spark, simply follow its light!

Gwen: I’ll believe in my dream with all of my heart,
I won’t let go, I’ll make a new start.
Sofia: Let your dream light your way,
Gwen: ‘Til I reach a better day!
Sofia: Believe in your dream, like I believe…
Gwen: I believe…
Sofia: I believe…
In you!

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