Smoke Wings and Fire

Smoke, Wings and Fire is a song from season 2 Sofia The First special episode 18 “The Curse of Princess Ivy”. It is sung by Dragons of Enchancia and performed by John Michael Higgins, Sam Riegel, Gary Anthony Williams and Mick Wingert.

Smoke, Wings and Fire Lyrics

Our name is Smoke, Wings and Fire
And we’re here to inspire
You’ve never seen or heard
such a combustible choir

Our rhythms are sizzlin’
You’re sure to perspire
Our scorching beat
will bring the heat
Cause we’re Smoke, Wings and Fire
Smoke, Wings and Fire
Smoke, Wings and Fire

Once our wings are flappin’,
our tunes are smokin’ hot
Your toes will start-a-tappin’
Our vocals hit the spot

So if your ears are burnin’
and smoke gets in your eyes,
it’s probably cause we’re turnin’
around way too close to you, guys

Our sound is amazing
You gotta admire
Our smoke and wings and tails and claws
And dragon things like scales and paws
We’re Smoke, Wings
We’re Smoke, Wings
And Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire

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