Our Royal Plan

Our Royal Plan is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 5 “The Mystic Isles”. It is sung by Sofia and Amber and performed by Ariel Winter and Darcy Rose Byrnes.

Our Royal Plan Lyrics

Sofia: Step one of our Royal Plan
Is to do all that you can
To romp much more delicately
The Rompkins: Left, right we go
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Amber: Pinky up
You sip your drink
When you toast
Make a gentle clink
Then set your chairs down carefully
Rompkins: Sit down
Not in there
Oh no
Amber: You’ll be at your Rompkin best
Following the Queen’s request

Don’t be brash
Rompkins: When you smash
Amber: Step light
Rompkins: It’s more polite
Amber: Just act cute
Rompkins: Not like a brute
Amber: If you clank
Rompkins: Try not to bang

(Instrumental Bridge)

Sofia: Now that you are gentle guys
Your Queen is needed across the skies
She wish you to set her free
Rompkins: Go free
Boo hoo
Sofia: But she has work to do
Rompkins: As much as it will break our heart
We’ll allow you to depart
We’ll miss our Queen most terribly
Sofia and Amber: You are at your Rompkin best
When you heed your Queen’s request

Amber: To set us free
Rompkins: Oh happily
Amber: Gotta go
Rompkins: We’ll miss you so
Sofia: Quite well done
Amber: And kinda fun
Rompkins: Now we can rest
Cause she’s impressed
And we fulfilled our Queen’s request

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