It’s All Me

It’s All Me is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 2 episode 5 “The Trailblazers / Moles Shall Overcome”. The song is sung by Ridley and performed by Iara Nemirovsky.

It’s All Me Lyrics

Ridley: Now that I’m a true protector
The hero I was born to be
I can conquer any challenge
That’s my guarantee
When danger strikes, just call me
Who saves the day? It’s all me
I’m always there, heroically
It’s all me
It’s all me

The stakes are high, but I say YOLO
Charging into the unknown
Flying high and flying solo
I’ll do it on my own
Dudley: But what about– 
Ridley: Just call me
Dante: We’re here to help
Ridley: It’s all me 
Fred: I thought that teamwork was the key 
Ridley: It’s all me 
It’s all me 
Just wait and see
It’s all me

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