Stand As One

Stand As One is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 2 episode 5 “The Trailblazers / Moles Shall Overcome”. The song is sung by Ridley, Ismat, Dudley, Dante, Fred and Peaches and performed by Iara Nemirovsky, Ashlyn Madden, David Errigo Jr, Tuler Shamy, Ezra Menas and Laraine Newman.

Stand As One Lyrics

Ridley: I see so clearly now
The path that I must choose
My heart is calling
It’s a call I can’t refuse
We must do what’s right for
There are things you have to fight for
And the stakes are
Far too high to lose

We must all stand together
Tail to tail, scale to feather
Take my hand
Because the battle’s just begun
If we all stand united
Every wrong will be righted 
We can do what must be done
If we stand as one

Dudley: If some feathers get ruffled
Ismat: We will never be muffled
Dante: We will raise our voices
Till the race is run 
Fred: We’ll be bold and outspoken
With our spirits unbroken
All: We will do what must be done
We will stand as one

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