Turnip Twist

Turnip Twist is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 7 “The Turnip Twist / All Systems No”. The song plays when Molly’s family hosts the Turnip Fest.

Turnip Twist Lyrics

There’s a brand new craze on the radio dial
Everybody’s dancing in the produce aisle
Turnip the stereo
And go like this
Come on, do the Turnip Twist

The Turnip Twist
Turn your turnip to the left
The Turnip Twist
Then you spin it to the right
The Turnip Twist
Drop down, pull a turnip from the ground

Shake it off and take a bite
It’s a main dish side dish
Even a snack
No, it isn’t rotten
It just tastes like that
Throw away your jimaca and radishes
Come on do the Turnip Twist
Don’t want no rutabaga
Do the Turnip Twist
Tip your turnip farmer
Do the Turnip Twist

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