Rarity Songs

Rarity is an unicorn from TV Series My Little Pony. She is a friend of main protagonist of the series Twilight Sparkle. Tabitha St. Germain is a speaking voice of Rarity and Kazumi Evans is singing voice of Rarity. As one of the main characters she sings very often. She usually sings along with her friends: “Winter Wrap Up”“A True, True Friend”“Bats”“Generosity”, “Find the Music in You”, “Let the Rainbow Remind You”“Make This Castle a Home”, “Rules of Rarity”,  “We’ll Make Our Mark” “Friends Are Always There for You”“Hearth’s Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (Reprise)”“It’s Gonna Work”, “Derby Racers” “Best Friends Until the End of Time”“Flawless”“School of Friendship”“Friendship Always Wins”“One More Day”, “Fit Right In”“The Magic of Friendship Grows”. Plus she sang in My Little Pony The Movie“We Got This Together”“One Small Thing”. (Songs will be added eventually)

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