Fit Right In

Fit Right In is a song from My Little Pony season 9 episode 7 “She’s All Yak”. It is sung by Rarity and Yona and performed by Kazumi Evans and Katrina Salisbury.

Fit Right In Lyrics

The more you know how things are done
The more confident you’ll be
There’s more to a dance than just having fun
And there’s no better teacher than me
Yona: Oh, Yona see!
Rarity: When I’m finished with you
You’ll start to fit right in
Listen to me when I say
Once you learn the pony way
You’ll start to fit right in
Yona: Right in!
Rarity: No need to wait another day
To be part of our smart soiree

The perfect dress
A color all the rage, but still unique
Now loose the braids
Try a style more fantastique
Here’s what we’ll do:
A horn-icure and a de-frizz
We’ll dry shampoo this
Whatever yak part this is
Too curly, too blue
Too retro, too new
Too Twilight, too furry
We’ll find one, don’t you worry

Choose what you want to be and be it
Picture you to see and see it
I’m the mare to guarantee it
You’ll fit right in
My plan, my grand design
Your friends will thrill to find
A new you that’s too divine

Rarity: Yeah, you’re gonna—
Yona: Yona gonna—
Rarity and Yona: Fit right in
Yona: Right in
Rarity: Listen to me when I say
Once you learn the pony way
Rarity and Yona:
You’ll/I’ll start to fit right in
Rarity: Right in
Yona: Yak not waste another day
To be part of your pony…
Rarity and Yona: Waaaaayyyyy
Yona: Yak not waste another day to
Rarity and Yona: Fit… right… in!

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Fit Right In Reprise

Fit Right In Reprise Lyrics

Rarity: You’ve mastered so many pony ways
And grown a lot in the past few days
You’ve shown a turn that has earned our praise
Yona: And now I fit right…
Rarity and Yona:…in
Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie:
You fit right in!

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