The Place Where We Belong

The Place Where We Belong is a song from My Little Pony season 9 episode 3 “Uprooted”. It is sung by Gallus, Ocellus, Sandbar, Silverstream, Smolder, Yona and performed by Gavin Langelo, Vincent Tong, Lauren Jackson, Shannon Chan-Kent, Katrina Salisbury.

The Place Where We Belong Lyrics

Silverstream: We celebrate our friendship
 Ocellus: We celebrate the tree
 Sandbar: The memories inside us
 Young Six: We’ll build for all to see

 Smolder: The tree brought us together
 Ocellus, Silverstream, and Gallus:
(Brought us together)
 Smolder: And even though it’s gone
 Ocellus, Silverstream, and Gallus:
(Even though it’s gone)
 Gallus: Our monument of friendship
 Rest of Young Six: (Of friendship)
 Young Six: Can make the gift live on

 Ocellus: A piece from me, a piece from you
 Silverstream: We’ll use the tree and we’ll make do
 Gallus: If things don’t fit, there’s lots of glue
 Young Six: Friends don’t quit in the end
And together, we’ll see this through

 Smolder: It’s hard to say farewell
 Sandbar: To something you hold dear
 Silversteam, Sandbar, and Ocellus:
But goodbye isn’t forever
 Young Six: As long as we are here

The tree is in our memory (ahh-ahh-ahh
Its roots have grown deep in our hearts
(Deep in our hearts, deep in our hearts)
Its branches raise our spirits, together we’re all bound
Forever it stands, lost but now it’s found

 Smolder: So lift a beam and build it strong
 Silverstream: Work as a team, it won’t take long
 Yona: Hey, Silverstream, I think that’s wrong
 Silverstream, Gallus, and Yona:
We’ll live the dream and sing our song
 Young Six: And make the tree something all can see
In a place where we belong!

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