You Go, Girl!

You Go, Girl! is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 2 episode 9b “Spy Little Sister!”.

You Go, Girl! Lyrics

Brick version
There’s a whole lot of things in this world
you just don’t know, girl!
(You go, girl!)

And you don’t have to figure them out
all on your own, girl!
(You go, girl!)

So log in to our enrollment center
Our algorithm will match you with your perfect mentor
And so, girl
You can go, girl!

Melissa version
(Hey! Hey! Hey!)

When the going gets tough,
the tough get going,
You know, girl!
(You go, girl!)

So when you’re out in the field
and use Krav Maga Judo, girl!
(You go, girl!)

I don’t think that we’re overstepping
When you say your hands and feet are a lethal weapon
You gotta throw an old broken combo, go girl!
(You go, girl!)

You gotta go, girl
(You go, girl!)

Go girl!
(You go, girl!)

Go girl!
(You go, girl!)

Go girl!

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