Milo Murphy’s Law Season 1 Songs

Milo Murphy’s Law Season 1 started October 3, 2016. The last season 1 episode was shown on September 30, 2017. There are more than 30 songs in season 1.

Milo Murphy’s Law Season 1 Songs:

  1. Rooting for the Enemy
  2. Don’t Break Me
  3. Dr. Zone
  4. I’ve Got No Excuses
  5. Mister Go (I’ve Gotta Go)
  6. The Show Must Go On
  7. Murphy Family Vacation
  8. Welcome to Lard World
  9. I Want a Girl with a Suit of Armour
  10. Chop Away at my Heart
  11. You’re the Best Remaining
  12. Athledecamathalon
  13. Science Teacher in Space
  14. We’re Going to the Zoo
  15. TLC
  16. Just Roll With It (School Dance version)
  17. A Bumpy Ride Tonight
  18. Llama Llama
  19. I Can’t Find You
  20. Safety Czar
  21. Just Roll With It (Disaster of My Dreams version)
  22. Just Messing Around
  23. I’m Taking a Stroll
  24. On the Open Sea
  25. From Here to There
  26. Turnabout Is Fair Play
  27. World Without Milo
  28. Toboggan of Love
  29. All Tied Up
  30. It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another
  31. The Last Halloween
  32. Everybody is Here

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