Turnabout Is Fair Play

Turnabout Is Fair Play is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 1 episode 15b “Backward to School Night”. The song is performed when Ms. Murawski, Mr. Chase, Eileen Underwood and Martin Murphy reverse roles on Melissa, Zack and Milo by running amuck around Jefferson County Middle School.

The video works, song starts from 0:15

Turnabout Is Fair Play Lyrics

When you were up and I was down,
You put me through it.
But now the worm has turned around,
So let’s get to it.
Keep on spinning till we’re wound,
And now we’re gonna do it again,
And again.
And I say, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Turnabout is fair play.
You worked me over now I’ve got you under.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Turnabout is fair play.
It’s not raining but it sounds like thunder.

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