He’s Coming Up

He’s Coming Up is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 2 episode 2b “Teacher Feature”.

He’s Coming Up Lyrics

We can all agree
He’ll never be the height of fashion
And what’s more it’s a chore
Just teaching him basic social interaction
He’s a serious fixer-upper
That might be cruel but it’s not wrong
And you know he’s been down for oh, so long

(But) He’s coming up!
Quite literally, he’s coming up from underground
He’s coming up!
And now for better or worse
He’s ready to paint the town

He’s got a good heart, and that’s a start
But his mind’s a bit unsound
And we’re not lying, he’s really trying
So nothing’s gonna keep him down

He’s coming up!

Second Part

He’s coming up!
(He’s coming up and there can be no doubt)
He’s coming up!
(He’s coming up and he’s going out)
He’s coming up and he’s going out tonight

He’s coming up

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