Goodbye is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 1 episode 6 “A Knight’s Tale/Dudley’s Inferno”. The song is sung by Lonny and performed by Jane Lynch.

Song starts from 12:09

Goodbye Lyrics

Goodbye to the house in the treetops
Farewell to that really big squid
Oh, I’ll never forget you
Or how I would pet you
Just don’t tell my boss that I did
Goodbye to the fabulous gift shop
Adieu to the creep-tastic bugs
I’ll soon be alone
Where there’s no ancient stoneware
So long to you dusty old jugs
How sad when a legacy ends!
Farewell, my inanimate
Very best friends!
Oh, goodbye to the last little dodo
My pal I so often dream of
I’ll say adios to my friends
I’m so close to
The eagles who soar up above
Goodbye to this place that I love

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