Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 2 episode 7b “Managing Murphy’s Law”. The song is sung by Zack, Milo and Melissa and performed by Aaron Daniel Jacob, Al Yankovic and Sabrina Carpenter.

Just Getting Started Lyrics

Zack Underwood: Would it look better on a marquee
If we were called The Sonic Three,
Or Psychedelic Banshee,
Or Cybernetic Bumblebee?

Would we get more applause
If we were called Lizards of Oz,
Or the Semi-Crazy Straws,
Or just the Murphy’s Laws?

All: What’s in a name?
If we’re rocking just the same
And we’re just getting started
(We’re just getting started)

We’re just another band
We’re not in need of a brand
And we’re just getting started
(We’re just getting started)

Go tell everyone that we’re not done
No, we’ve just begun
And now you know we’re
Just getting started

ooo wow oo wow

Just getting started


Just getting started

wow oo wow oo wooow

(We’re just getting started)
We’re Just Getting Started!

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