Do-Gooder Doof

Do-Gooder Doof is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 2 episode 8b “Sick Day”.

Do-Gooder Doof Lyrics

(Oh yeah yeah!)

He’s got noble intentions but his recent inventions
just highlight his less than stellar planning skills
He’s just trying to do good and do the things that he should
but if you see him coming you might want to head for the hills

Don’t want to start a fight, he’s trying to do what’s right
So we aught to wish him success
I know its philanthropic, don’t want to seem myopic
But he’s really making such a mess!

He’s a do-gooder Doof, trying to help you out
but it’s not that kind of help that you need or want
No he’s not the kind of hero that you dreamed about
He’s like an idiot savant, but without the savant!

He’s a do-gooder Doof
(Yes he is)
He’s a do-gooder Doof
(Oh yeah yeah)
He’s a do-gooder Doof
(He’s a do-gooder Doof)
He’s a do-gooder Doof
(Oh no)

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