The Harry Hamster Band

The Harry Hamster Band is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 2 episode 13b “The Dog Who Knew Too Much”. The song is sung by Hamster Sam’s Jug Band.

despite gray screen the video works

The Harry Hamster Band Lyrics

Harry: We’re Harry Hamster’s Domesticated Rodent Band
You’ll either like our music or you’ll hate it
But you can search from east to west across this land
And you’ll never find a rodent band that’s so domesticated

I’m Harry the Hamster, this is Guinea Pig Greg
Greg: Hello
Harry: He only plays the drums ’cause he’s not verbal
Greg: I can’t talk
Harry: Then there’s Chester the chinchilla, who can harmonise
And the familiar face on the base is Jerry the Gerbil
(Jerry the Gerbil)
(Jerry the Gerbil)

We’re Harry Hamsters Domesticated Rodent Band
You’ll never find a rodent band that’s so domesticated

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