I Can’t Find You

I Can’t Find You is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 1 special episode 12 “Missing Milo”. The song is performed by Aaron Daniel Jacob.

I Can’t Find You Lyrics

I can’t find you, where you gone?
Is it some exotic trip you on?
Did ya dawdle up the Amazon?
Or are you just laying low?

You’re not here, you’re not there
I’ve looked for you almost everywhere
I ask around, but only get blank stares
No one seems to know
No one seems to know

‘Cause I can’t find you, (Find you)
Can’t track you down
Are you hiding out or did you just skip town? (Find you)
I searched this city up and down (Find you)
It’s like I’m always two steps behind you

And I, I can’t find you!

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