Safety Czar

Safety Czar is a song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law” season 1 episode 13b “Disaster of My Dreams”. The song is sung by Elliot Decker and performed by Christian Slater.

Safety Czar Lyrics

Elliot: Ever since I was hall monitor and wore that safety vest
All the other kids in school were jealous, said I was obsessed
But what you see is what you get, there’s nothing more to go on
With me, it’s safety first and second, third and forth, and so on

I’m no friend to careless living – danger’s biggest enemy
I’m a soldier in the war on accidental injury-y-Y!

(He’s the cautious king, he’s the safety czar)
Elliot: I’m the being careful superstar!
He’s an advocate for living hazard free)
Elliot: That’s me
(So when it comes to cautious living)
Elliot: There’s a lot of free advice I’m giving!
Gotta non-slip, flame-retardant, high-reflective, shatterproof philosophy

Elliot: If you’re looking for a safety czar, that’s me!!

(Yes, if you’re looking for a safety czar)
Elliot: Just think of me as life’s pace car
If you’re looking for a safety czar!

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