Listen Up

Listen Up is a song from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Season 1 Episode 13 “The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth”. It is sung by Ruthless Ruth, Rapunzel, the Captain and the Pub Thugs, and performed by Danielle Brooks, Mandy Moore and others.

Listen Up Lyrics

Ruth: Since I was a lassie,
just a sweet young thing,
all I truly longed to do
was make up songs to sing
Sure my voice was rotten
And had a pity twang
But I had dreams, and in my dreams
this is what I sang

Listen up, all you goons
Listen up and hear my tunes
Every line, boys, is mine
So listen up

How I yearned to sing it
Still I was afraid
Guess I feared
they call me weird
And mocked the songs I made
So I shut my PIE HOLE
And hid my work away
Rapunzel: But you had dreams
Ruth: And in my dreams
this is what I played

Listen up, if you please
Listen to my melodies
Rapunzel: Folks she wrote
every note
Both: So listen up

Ruth: I kept my song a secret
But carved it on this club
Waiting till the perfect moment came
At last I worked the nerve up
And stood before the pub
I let one note
come through my throat
And then I died of shame

And now I haunt this tavern
suffering for my art
Years and years
of doubts and fears
Rapunzel: It’s time to heed your heart
Ruth: I can end this curse now
If I can end the song
Vladimir: Like in your dreams
Ruth: But in my dreams
You ALL must sing along

Listen up, all you thugs
lift your voices and your mugs
Don’t be shy,
let it fly!
Thugs: Listen up

Big Nose: Listen up
Attila: Listen here
Hook Foot: Raise the roof
Shorty: And rock the house!
Thugs: Make it loud,
sing it proud, listen…
Ruth: WAIT!

Captain: Listen up, listen close
You’re disgusting, old and gross!
But your song
is quite strong
Listen up

All: Listen up, listen up
Everybody raise your cup
Here’s to Ruth,
that’s the truth
Listen up
Ruth: Listen up
All: Listen up
Ruth: Listen up
All: Listen up

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