I’ve Got This

I’ve Got This is a song from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Season 1 Special episode 16 “Queen For A Day”. It is sung by Rapunzel, Cassandra and villagers, and performed by Mandy Moore, Eden Espinosa and others.

I’ve Got This Lyrics

Cassandra:There’s still a lot to go, sure you can handle it?
Rapunzel:Yeah, I’m sure I can. (Chuckles) Come on!

Royal decision making?
Hey, I was born to do it
Yes sure I’m slightly faking
But there’s not that much to it
Bring it on, I’m ready ’cause I’ve got this
I’ve got this
Just watch

Nigel: Princess Rapunzel, may I present your most humble subjects.

Farmer: He won’t let my sheep graze
Next to his without a fight
Rapunzel: Hmm.
Barber: How can I cut hair
With this guy fiddling day and night?
Rapunzel: Gosh.
Subject: Lately half the city’s
Overrun by cats and kitties
Peasant Girl: Eating everything in sight

Pasture land is public
I decree you’ll have to share
Earplugs will do wonders
You’ll receive a royal pair
Henceforth it is written,
We’ll feed every cat and kitten
Here within the palace square

Townsfolk: Yeah!
Rapunzel: Folks, the line starts there

Cassandra: She’s got a knack for reigning
So far she’s holding steady
But folks are still complaining
So let’s not throw confetti
Nonetheless, I guess our girl has got this
She’s got this
No prob

Rapunzel: Is that the last one?
Nigel: Well, not exactly, Your Highness!

Farmer: Since we shared the pasture,
We can’t tell whose sheep are whose
Barber: I can’t hear my customers
And ruin all their dos
Subject: Now the cats are quiet
Peasant Girl: But the rats are running riot
Up and down the avenues
Nigel: No more interviews

Rapunzel: Gosh what a huge disaster
And everybody knew it
I had one job to master
And I completely blew it
I was so darn certain that I got this
But I’m not this
Not yet

Who would have thought how far from getting this
I could get?

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