Friendship Song (Tangled The Series)

Friendship Song is a song from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Season 1 Episode 11 “Pascal’s Story” song performed by Brennley Brown.

Friendship Song Lyrics

I know everything about ya
Can’t picture one day without ya
When I need someone to guide me
You’re always right there beside me
To point the way
If I go astray

Cause although it may be unspoken
We’ve got something that can’t be broken

You and me, we fit together
Perfectly, best friends forever
Guarantee, I’ll always see you through
Cause I know that

Me and you, share a connection
Strong as glue, way past affection
You’re my crew, that’s how it’s meant to be
Cause it’s you and me

Who else can I share a laugh with?
Or always go half-and-half with?
And if I should ever slip up
I know that you’ll zip your lip up
And let it slide
Cause you’re on my side

Just ask anybody who’s seen us
Nothing ever can come between us

You and me, we fit together
To a T, birds of a feather
Can’t you see, we share a point of view?
And it’s obvious

Me and you, we’ll never falter
Tried and true, you’re my Gibraltar
Can’t undo something that’s meant to be
Something real like

You and me, we fit together
A to Z, no question whether
C’est la vie, somehow I guess we knew
It was gonna be

Me and you, ever and always
Through and through, big ways and small ways
Just us two, simple as 1-2-3
Always you and me
You and me

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