Eugene Songs

Eugene is one of the a main characters from movie Tangled and TV Series Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (former Tangled The Series). He is 24 year old in movie and 24-26 year old man in the series. Zachari Levi is a speaking and singing voice of Eugenel. He has a song in Tangled Before Ever After – Live After Happily Ever After. In the series he has a first solo song in the franchise – Everything I Thought I Ever Knew. He sings duet songs with his girlfriend Rapunzel: If I Could Take That Moment Back, Next Stop Anywhere (Reprise) and with his best friend Lance – Buddy Song. Also he sings in multicharacters songs: Ready As I’ll Ever Be, Next Stop Anywhere, With You By My Side, Stronger Than Ever Before, Through It All and Life After Happily Ever After Finale.

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