Rapunzel Songs

Rapunzel is a main character from movie Tangled and TV Series Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (former Tangled The Series). She is 18 year girl in movie and 18-21 year girl in the series. Mandy Moore is a speaking and singing voice of Rapunzel. She has two songs plus reprise in Tangled Before Ever After: Live After Happily Ever After and Wind In My Hair plus reprise. In the series as main character she has a lot of solo songs: Set Yourself Free, Reverse Incantation (Hurt Incantation), The Girl Who Has Everything plus reprise, I’d Give Anything and Life After Happily Ever After Finale. She sings duet songs with his boyfriend Eugene: If I Could Take That Moment Back, Next Stop Anywhere (Reprise) and with her best friend Cassandra: I’ve Got This, View From Up Here, Crossing The Line. Also she sings in multicharacters songs: Ready As I’ll Ever Be, Next Stop Anywhere, With You By My Side, Stronger Than Ever Before, Through It All.

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