Big Baby II Duce March

Big Baby II Duce March is a song from 2022 Netflix musical animated film “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio”. The song is sung by Pinocchio and performed by Gregory Mann.

Big Baby II Duce March Lyrics

I fight for the land
I fight oversea
For baby poops his pants
Right there in front of me
The poop in hand
For Fatherland
Il Duce, Il Duce
Go smell your farts and pray
Eat your boogers, your slime
You can also get mine

Like a bag of poop
Magnificent and free
You are farting, farting
In the men’s lavatory
You’re poop
We are young
Eat caca, big baby, eat caca, we are strong

He poops on the land
He poops over sea
Big baby poops his pants
He’s just doo-doo to me
Farewell, Mussolini
Ciao, Il Duce

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