The Boy We’re Looking For

The Boy We’re Looking For is a song from Disney’s TV Series Mira Royal Detective season 1 episode 8a “The Mysterious Polo Player”. The song is sung by Mira, Mikku and Chikku and others and performed by Leela Ladnier, Kal Penn and Utkarsh Ambudkar and Mira Royal Detective Cast.

The Boy We’re Looking For Lyrics

We’re looking for someone
It wasn’t just a dream
Yeah, he’s the one we need
To make us a better team
He ran off so quikly
We only have one clue
It’s got a funny smell
Detective coming through

Who’s got a boot with a strap on the front
What about you?
Do you speak grunt?
I don’t think so

Anyone see a boy on the run?
We won’t be done
Until we find the one

Check every house (Check every house)
Try every door (Try every door)
Until we find
The boy we’re looking for 

Down every street (Down every street)
Try every store (Try every store)
Won’t stop until we find
The boy we’re looking for 
The boy we’re looking for 

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