Perfect is a song from 2022 Disney musical live-action film “Disenchanted“. The song is sung by Morgan, Baker, Florist and Sign Painter and performed by Gabriella Baldacchino, James Monroe Iglehart, Ann Harada and Michael McCorry Rose.

Perfect Lyrics

Baker: There’s a festival in our future.
We’re all giddy with anticipation!
Florist: I’ll be hanging flowers
On scented bowers
To enhance the “festivation”!
Sign Painter: There’ll be merriment in the courtyard
And waltzing even in the hallways.
Florist: Won’t it just be perfect?
Baker: Won’t it just be perfect?
Sign Painter: Won’t it just be perfect?
All three: Ah, don’t you think it will be just perfect?
MorganOf course!
Isn’t it always?

It’s another perfect Monrolasia morning.
Shiny children play beneath a shiny sky.
Every bird in every tree
Singing extra prettily.
It’s all perfect,
So why aren’t I?

I know and every day, I play it.
Who I really am I never let them see
What I’m feeling deep inside
Where the weird parts of me hide.
Maybe “perfect” isn’t perfect for me.

In me, there’s hunger for adventure.
In me, there’s a longing for romance.
And secretly, I crave
A day that I can say,
“I can do it if I ever get the chance!”

And on this perfect Monrolasia morning,
There’s a little thrill of possibility.
‘Cause I’ve got a feeling that maybe today,
Just ’round that corner, or out by the bay,
Some kind of change could be coming my way!
Something wild but imperfect,
But perfectly right
For me…

No, I never wanted to be perfect.
Just the chance to do
And be
What’s right for me…

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