Badder is a song from 2022 Disney musical live-action film “Disenchanted“. The song is sung by Giselle and Malvina and performed by Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph.

Badder Lyrics

Malvina: Please, don’t fear that
You are upsetting me
Dear, I barely know you’re there
Giselle: Sorry, were you speaking?
You’re hard to see
Like a smell that lingers in the air

Malvina: Trying to be clever?
That makes no sense
That’s a role you haven’t earned
Both: You don’t see your own insignificance
Well, it’s time you learned

You may think you’re bad
But darling, I am badder
Really, sweetie, where’s the thrill in
Being just a
Giselle: Has-been
Malvina: A wannabe
Both: Villain
Malvina: You’re a garter snake
And I’m a big puff adder
Both: Face it, I am so much badder
Than you

Giselle: Surely you can see
It’s ridiculous
Two villains in one fairy tale
Malvina: This town is too small
For the both of us
Both: So off into the sunset
You should sail

Malvina: I can send my minions
To help you pack
Giselle: I’ll be careful not to crow
Both: Darling, I will miss you
Giselle: Alas
Malvina: Alack
Both: But you have got to go

You can claim you’re bad
But I’m a better badder
Malvina: Nothing you’ve got up your sleeve’ll
Ever equal me as a mistress of evil

Giselle: I’m the heart and brains
And you, you’re just the bladder
Both: How can you believe you’re badder
Than I?

Nobody ever would bother to tell
A tale with Maleficent
And with Cruella
Malvina: My cheekbones are sharper
Giselle: My hair’s much more high
Malvina: So jump down a rabbit hole
Giselle: Go climb a beanstalk
Both: It’s not au revoir
But goodbye

Giselle: Someone really should put a stop on her
Malvina: Someone really should put a stop on her
Giselle: Up to me to find a way
Malvina: Up to me to find a way
Giselle: Maybe there’s a house I can drop on her
Malvina: Mmm
Is a poisoned apple too cliché?

Giselle: Drag her to a rooftop and toss her down
Malvina: A spell to make her disappear
Both: And when she is gone, I will own the town
And everyone will cheer

She was sorta bad
But you are so much badder
Clearly that is why I have to
See that she lives happily never after

Once I sit alone
Atop the villain ladder
Everyone in Monrolasia
Will totally be in my thrall
They will say
“Oh, Queen, we praise ya”
Giselle: Because I will be not just badder
Malvina: Because I will be not just
Both: Badder, badder
Malvina: But the nasty
Giselle: Everlast-y
Both: Flabbergast-y
Very, very baddest of them all!

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