No Christmas At All

No Christmas At All is a song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” season 2 episode 4 “Green Christmas”. The song is sung by Cricket Green and performed by Chris Houghton.

No Christmas At All Lyrics

What’s Tilly’s problem?
She’s such an oddball.
A Christmas without presents is no Christmas at all
Or that’s what I’ve always thought at least.
Was I wrong in my thinking?
No, no, I’m sure I was right!
So then, why’s my heart sinking?

Sure, feelings got hurt, and the tree took a dunk
But it’s all Santa’s fault, him and his holiday bunk!
If he’d just given me the presents I craved,
I never would have acted the way I behaved!…

No… that’s wrong, isn’t it?
Can I really blame someone else for me being bad?
I caused property damage and I made my sister sad.
I drove her away, I was self-centered and mean
Another dark tally for your list, Cricket Green

Oh, the worst part of Christmas is all the stuff I can’t undo
I didn’t get what I wanted, and what I had, I lost, too!

If anyone’s listening, I could really use a hand.
Nothing that happened today…
Went how I planned.

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