Tilly’s Bird Song

Tilly’s Bird Song is a song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” season 1 episode 14 “Mama Bird”. The song is sung by Tilly Green and performed by Marieve Herington.

Tilly’s Bird Song Lyrics

Tilly: Hello, little babies, my pretty little birds.
Are you ready to give Mama those three magic words?
A little bit of love is all I need now.
Please, please, just give your love to me…

Why do you think I do this, work myself into a sweat?
What part of “give me love” do you not get?
I’m your one and only mama, you know it’s true

I’m also the only thing making sure you don’t die of neglect, hypothermia, scurvy, disorientation, the governor and all other manner of horrible afflictions…
So, if you ask me, I’d say a little love is due.

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