Separate Ways

Separate Ways is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 10 “The Rift: Part 2”. The song is sung by Horse and Rider and performed by Kimiko Glenn and Jessie Mueller.

Song starts from 50:41

Separate Ways Lyrics

Horse: I won’t ever forget that first time
You held me and said, “You’re okay”
I knew that my life was now better
Rider: You and I will meet someday again
To fight for these worlds to be saved
Then we can both go on together

Both: Breaks my heart in two
The thought of leaving you
Now that I’ve finally found you
I’m finally with you again 

Horse: Rider…
I was searching for you
And now I am afraid
I have a purpose here
And we must go our separate ways
But I have faith in you

Both: And we’ll meet back here

Horse: You’ve gotta trust me 
Rider: I do
And what you’re saying is true 
Both: For you are my closest family

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