Nowhere King Battle

Nowhere King Battle is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 10 “The Rift: Part 2”. The song is sung by Wammawink, Waterbaby and Nowhere King and performed by Megan Hilty, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Brian Stokes Mitchell and The Centaurworld Cast.

Song starts from 50:00

Nowhere King Battle Lyrics

Wammawink: One careful step at a time
Turn the key
Walk into the light
Waterbaby: There’s a darkness on the other side
That we must fight
Both: So just stay close to me

Nowhere King: Why have you come here
If not to bring to me the key?
Then why disturb me?
‘Cause now you’re stuck here, too
You see
I can’t allow this
I don’t want house guests
In the void with me
I’m finished with the two of you, so… 

Hush now-
And die, little ones 
Rush now
Into the middle of nowhere
Where the singing and laughter
Have died

Wammawink: Hey!
You let them go!
Centaurs: We came here
From Centaurworld
And we’re here
So we can save our baby girl

Waterbaby: Grab your friends and get out.
I’ll block the other exit.

Nowhere King: How foolish
Can’t you see?
You’ve opened up the door for me
And now your little herd’s just
Something in my way
I’m leaving now
If you like it here, then you can stay

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