Time to Be Awesome

Time to Be Awesome is the fourth song from My Little Pony The Movie. It is sung by Rainbow Dash and Captain Celaeno, Rainbow Dash sings it to inspire Celaeno and her former pirate crew to renounce their servitude to the Storm King and become pirates again. The song performed by Ashleigh Ball, Zoe Saldana and others.

Time to Be Awesome Lyrics

Rainbow Dash:
I know the world can get you down
Things don’t work out quite the way that you thought
Feeling like all your best days are done
Your fears and doubts are all you’ve got
But there’s a light shining deep inside
Beneath those fears and doubts, so just squash ’em
And let it shine for all the world to see
That it is time, yeah, time to be awesome

Ah, ah, ah-ah, awesome!
It’s time to be so awesome!
Ah, ah, ah-ah, awesome!
It’s time to be so awesome!

Captain Celaeno:
You’ve no idea how hard it’s been
Ponies: (It’s time to be awesome!)

Captain Celaeno:
This dull routine we’ve been forced to do
Rainbow Dash:
Don’t let them rob you of who you are
Be awesome, it’s all up to you
Captain Celaeno:
I feel the light stirring deep inside
It’s like a tale still yet to be told
Ponies: (It’s time to be awesome!)

Rainbow Dash and Captain Celaeno:
And now it’s time to break the shackles free
And start living like the brave and the bold!
All: It’s time to be awesome!
Let loose, be true, so awesome!
It’s time to be awesome!
Go big, be you, so awesome!
We used to soar through the clouds in the skies
Lix Spittle: Elaborate schemes we would love to devise
Boyle: We rescued our treasure and stored it away
Captain Celaeno: Saving those gemstones for a rainy day
All: We see that light filling up our skies
Rainbow Dash: So take the Storm King’s orders and toss ’em
All: ‘Cause it’s the time to let our colors fly
Captain Celaeno: Hey, scallywags, it’s time to be awesome!
All: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

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