Your Heart Is in Two Places

Your Heart Is in Two Places is a song from My Little Pony season 8 episode 6 “Surf and/or Turf”. It is sung by Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and performed by Michelle Creber, Claire Corlett, Arielle Tuliao.

Your Heart Is in Two Places Lyrics

 Apple Bloom:
Your heart is in two places, you can only live in one
You’re torn between the hilltops and the tide

 Sweetie Belle:
Thank goodness that the Cutie Mark Crusaders have begun
To give you hope and help you to decide

These hills, they call to you, they say “Harmonizing Heights”
This is your home, simple and serene
The sun-dappled leaves or a mountain terrace
You can see twenty-three different shades of green
To dare to compare anywhere to there
Is unfair and just plain wrong
Colt or mare or you wear feathers, fins, or hair
This is where you belong

Scootaloo: Well, on the other hoof, I can think of a place
that’s way more exciting and cool, not to mention more you!
Come on, you know exactly where I mean!

Seaquestria’s the most, you’re supposed to be there
Underneath the sea where you can feel at home
Swimmin’ with your friends, you can spend all day here
Playin’ in the bay here, splashin’ in the foam
Sailin’ through the wavy blue
You’ll view a slew of tortoises
Forget the rest, the sea’s the best
For all intents and “porpoises”

 Sweetie Belle:
Build your nest here on Harmonizing Heights
Live it up here in Seaquestria
 Sweetie Belle:
Nothing compares to Harmonizing Heights

The eagles are regal
 Scootaloo: But the schools are cooler
 Sweetie Belle: Their claws are so awesome
 Scootaloo: With their sweet maneuvers

 Sweetie Belle: Star wishes every night
 Scootaloo: Starfish by eel light
 Sweetie Belle: Better
 Scootaloo: Wetter
 Sweetie Belle: Shinier
 Scootaloo: Brinier

 Sweetie Belle: Harmonizing Heights!
 Scootaloo: Seaquestria!
 Sweetie Belle: Harmonizing Heights!
 Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo:
That’s it! This is the end! Don’t ever talk to me again!

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