Andalasia is an opening song from 2022 Disney musical live-action film “Disenchanted“. The song is performed by Griffin Newman and the Disney Chorus.

Andalasia Lyrics

The Disney Chorus: Andalasia,
The happily-ever-after place.
Always remember
And a smile will always be upon your face.

PipOnce upon a time, in a magical kingdom called Andalasia, a baby was found in the forest. With no mudder or fadder to speak of, the baby was raised by the animals and loved her as one of her own. And her name was Giselle. Giselle grew into a beautiful young lady wid a loving heart and a secret desire.

“I’ve been dreamin’ of a true love’s kiss,
And a prince I’m hopin’ comes with this…”

Until one day, she won the love of Andalasia’s bravest prince. But then, Giselle was pushed through a portal by an evil queen, and landed in a strange and extremely confusing kingdom called…

Kip: New York City!
New York City!

SkipThere she met Robert, who was a lawyer with dreamy eyes, and a daughter named Morgan, who saw magic everywhere she went. So Giselle and Robert fell in love and they lived…
Kip and Skip: Ever ever after!

KipAw, come on, Dad! Read it again!
SkipCome on! Read it again, Dad!
PipWhat if I told ya that “ever after” wasn’t the end of their story?
KipWhadaya mean?
SkipWe’ve heard the story a million times! That’s how it always ends.
PipAh-ah-ah. Ya only heard part of the story. See, it turns out, New York wasn’t Giselle’s happily ever after after all.
Kip and SkipHuh?
PipWell, I’m not too proud of my part in this one, but if you two get into bed, I’ll read it to ya.
(Kip and Skip chatter.)
PipThis story begins where the old one left off: in the Kingdom of New York after happily ever after.
SkipAfter? But there is no “after happily ever after”.
KipYeah. You just get married, and then nothing ever happens to you again.
PipOh, not in this world. Over there, things would never stop happening. For Giselle, a few years went by. Morgan sprouted up and, eventually, Robert and Giselle had a baby, a beautiful girl named Sofia. For one moment, Giselle truly had it all. And that’s when things began to change. First, with all the baby stuff, their castle in the sky shrunk two sizes. Then, life got so busy, it felt like a sleeping curse fell over them every single night.

But the hardest part of all was Morgan. She became what that world calls a “teenager”. And it felt to Giselle that she had set out to a faraway place where she could never go. With so much changed, Giselle started feeling that life in the Kingdom of New York wasn’t such a fairytale after all. And that’s when she saw a sign…

Disney Chorus: In Monroeville,
Oh, Monroeville,
Where life is so simple, clean and clear!
So think of moving
To Monroeville
‘Cause at morn each day
Your fairytale starts here!

PipAnd so they packed up and moved
To a place where dere ain’t nuttin’ to pertoib ya
Or distoib ya
A new and magic kingdom called…

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