Camp Chippamunka

Camp Chippamunka is a song from 2005 Disney animated film “Kronk’s New Groove“. The song is sung by children.

Song starts from 0:35

Camp Chippamunka Lyrics

Children: All hail to Camp Chippamunka
We proudly pledge our troth to thee
Girl: (spoken) What’s a troth? 
(Kronk: (narrating) It all happened at Camp Chippamunka.)
Children: We’re loyal, brave, and courteous
And greet our leaders cheerfully
Tipo: (spoken) Yeah, right!

(Kronk: (narrating) We were there for the Chipmunk Challenge.
We won Troop of the Year two years running, going for three.)
Children: Oh, we are there at Camp Chippamunka
May we come up super high…
C-H-I-P-P-amunka, can’t you see
You are the acorn of my eye

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